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Tournament : Brunei Mobile Legend

hello guys, ada berita baik untuk bruneian. Ada diantara pembaca blog Risya ni minat dengan game MOBILE LEGEND tak? Kalau ada, semua dikehendaki baca dan hadam syarat-syarat penyertaan dibawah.

*16 TEAMS ONLY! (Registration 31hb Jumat 7mlm till 10mlm)
*Mobile Legend TOURNAMENT 🇧🇳
*VENUE: Kg Perumahan Rimba Gadong (Dekat Giant) Jln 26, Spg 21 No : 17
*Date: Saturday & Sunday (1hb & 2hb)
*Times: 7pm Above
*Fees: $25 Per Team
1st Prize (5powerbank pokeball 10000mah with Light & cash $100)
2nd Prize (5Virtual Reality & Cash $80)
3rd Prize (5 MINION OTG Pendrive 16gb(Android) & $50)
1. Bring your own device,chrger hp.
2. Extension Plug Provide each table
3. No Fight ! Between Team.. Consider Disqualified 🚷.
4. Please Attend Venue 1hour or 30min Before match.
6. 1 or 2persons sub for each team
7. Your team will be voting into group & NECK LANYARD(for free)Will be given for each Leader of team during the registration.
8. Make sure blockcall/don't disturb mode.

kamu semua boleh tengok map dibawah ..:)


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